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Empowering Kids and Building Strong                       Educational Foundations                   One Child at a Time

One Campus, One Community


The first steps represent an exciting time and our Early Childhood Center (ECC) is where a lifetime of learning begins. We achieve powerful, positive results through our hands-on active learning.

The KidZone Academy | Freetown, Western Area, Sierra Leone

Our primary learning environment encourages children to be confident, responsible, respectful, reflective as learners, innovative and equipped for new challenges and engaged intellectually.

What Parents Say About Us

My name is Lorraine and my son Moses attended KidZone 4 years ago. I want to say thanks as the early years shaped up Moses and I want to say thanks. I wanted to reach out to the proprietor as Moses took the NPSE exams and scored 306 aggregate.


Thank you to all TKZA staff for your commitment and dedication. I feel proud to have been part of this family since 2012. Unfortunately, I was out of the country and not able to attend the graduation or come to say goodbye on the last day of School. I am thankful for the role the school played on moulding Gabby into the brilliant lady she is now.

Zenobia Maddy

An adage says “You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of your choice’’. So, I want to use this as an opportunity to thank my parents for choosing The Kidzone Academy...

   I believe I found myself in a place with an opportunity to freely create and enjoy educational experiences; to help live out my dreams. I feel proud to be in a place where I believe I have been given the basic educational foundation for the future. 

Gabrielle Theuri

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