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About Us

Welcome from the Head

Welcome to The KidZone Academy School! I am very proud of our school and have seen it go from strength to strength in the time that I have been here.


The KidZone Academy is a small and nurturing school; as our motto says: ‘Building a Solid Educational Foundation’. We endeavor to nurture your children ready for the next stage in their education.


Our school is special in many ways. Our preschool program ensures that children reach a Good Level of Development, which has been consistently at the International Average for the past 5 years. Through child-initiated activities and planning in the moment, we capture the interests of the children and meet individual needs.


Reading and phonics is taught through Jolly Phonics. Our highly skilled teachers ensure children grasp the concept of reading and develop a love of reading from an early age. Our phonics screening check results at the end of kindergarten has been at par with the international average for the past five years. 

Our Math program is taught through Singapore Math. Singapore Math®, is the curriculum that the country of Singapore uses in their schools with remarkable success. It is extremely clear, highly logical and sequential, and has a strong focus on mental math. Students get a good amount of practice without too much repetition. Challenging word problems build thinking skills and help students apply math in a variety of situations.

Every day is exciting and enriching, with lessons and activities to tap into pupils’ imagination and creativity.


Our children love challenge and adventure, and our teachers work hard to provide opportunities that inspire young minds and develop their interest in the world around them. We help our pupils become flexible and resilient, encouraging their innovation and curiosity. We want them to be kind, thoughtful and tolerant, and to enjoy their friendships.

Your visit to this website will provide you with a great deal of information but come along and visit us in person to get to know us better and meet our pupils and teachers. Our friendly Admissions coordinator will be happy to make arrangements to suit you, so do please give us a call.

Mariama Tarawalie

Head Of School

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