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About Us

The Kidzone Academy Cambridge International School

Welcome to The KidZone Academy Cambridge International School, also known as TKZA. Our international school provides education to students from all nationalities. Our child-friendly establishment caters to a safe and nurturing environment that gives opportunity for students to grow at their own pace, through individual and differentiated instruction.  The quality of teaching and learning that takes place is designed to position all our students competently and confidently for the 21st century and beyond. Our decree of excellence in all areas forces us to continue to seek ways to improve our existing practices.


Our message to future parents is quite simple. We are delighted that we will all be working together as part of the school community and we look forward to developing even better relations between parents and the school. We believe that the school will work best when we have parents as partners in their children’s education and a dedicated staff who believe in children.

How do we do it? Here at TKZA, the warmth and friendliness of our teaching and supporting staff are second to none.  It takes passionate people--ready to roll up their sleeves, driven educators who truly want to make a difference and visionary leaders, dedicated to the long term goal. We are an impeccable team of international school educators! Come and be apart of the TKZA Family!

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