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Our International School
Where Every Child is Known, Seen and Heard

Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

We offer the advantages of an international education, from our toddler class in the Early Childhood Program to Class 6 in our Primary Years Program. We emphasize a strong culture of learning and the well-being of our students, with an integrated curriculum that fosters friendships and peer support across all levels. Our students benefit from interacting with different age groups, blending the early childhood, primary and secondary school cultures for learning in the classroom, sports, leadership initiatives and in the wider community.


To give students a strong sense of community, we introduce them to our International School House system from the Preppers Class. Everyone is encouraged to be apart of the fun – joining in special events like the Spelling Bee, World Book Day, Career Day, Science Fair and Annual Sports Day.

Operating on one site enables us to provide continuity in learning and meet the needs of the kids at their different developmental stages. This is vital to their success as learners and their growth as competent, confident and connected individuals.

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