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Our Many School Programs

1. Graduation

Every year, as the academic school year comes to its official end, we celebrate the indomitable KidZone Academy Classes of Pre Kindergarten and Stage 6 of that year with a brief look at the school's achievements at the end-of-year celebrations. Our Pre Kindergarten students graduate into our formal primary school and our Stage 6 students graduate into Secondary School. Our Graduands have made us very proud over the years. Our average scores surpass those of the average of all Cambridge Schools. This year, our lead candidate scored a perfect 6 in Math, a 5.9 in Science and a 5.4 in English in the Cambridge Checkpoint International Exam. 

2. Sports

For a lot of children their first taste of competitiveness can be through primary school sport and it’s not just for the gifted and talented, as all children are offered the opportunity to represent. From our experience, all we see are beaming smiles from the children who thoroughly enjoy the competitive side and the opportunity for them to showcase something they are good at and which gives them a real sense of empowerment. 


Of course, it’s not the winning that counts. It’s also the taking part.  It’s an amazing feeling when our kids have won, and they have had a part to play. Because of this, many of our kids will thrive in secondary school and beyond from solid foundations that have been laid in our primary school through sport.

3. Jazz Day

International Jazz Day is all about peaceful collaboration, dialogue, diversity, human dignity and freedom of expression.

Jazz provides a living model for putting these principles into action. Celebrating International Jazz Day makes a powerful statement in favor of optimism, of belief in the human tendency toward unity over division, of perseverance in the face of difficult circumstances–simply put, hope. We have been participating in this event every year at our school because we believe that Jazz has the power to make people forget their differences and come together. It is the personification of transforming overwhelmingly negative circumstances into freedom, friendship, hope, and dignity, traits that we are committed to instill in our school children. 

4. Spelling Bee

Our spelling bee competition has contestants spelling a broad selection of words, usually with a varying degree of difficulty. Our spelling bees has helped to promote literacy by providing children with a positive goal to work toward, and give them a forum to display the fruits of their hard work. They also do much more: In addition to improving spelling, the bees also aid children in learning concepts, improving comprehension and developing study skills.


The benefits of our spelling bee extends beyond language: Since our children are required to spell words while on stage, our kids also develop self-confidence, communication and public speaking skills, and the ability to thrive under pressure. The lessons learned by participating in a spelling bee therefore lasts a lifetime, and benefits even those who don't outlast all competitors. That surely spells success for their futures.

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