​STUDENT LIFE:Providing pastoral care for our kids.

Extra-curricular Activities

     The goal of The KidZone Academy Cambridge International School is to provide students with structured play, an opportunity to complete homework assignments, and access to extra-curriculum activities. As a parent, you're probably well aware that there are numerous benefits when you allow your kids to participate in after school activities. ​Extra-curriculum activities not only give your child a chance to release some pent-up stress, but they also encourage him or her to make new friends, learn new skills, and participate in physical exercise. It encourages mental and emotional health and provides a healthy outlet to relieve their stress. TKZA now offers the following extra-curriculum activities for our kids below.

 *Please note that 'After School' is closed on all official holidays, as well as school holidays and on Teacher Professional Development Days.

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Our mission is to provide a relaxed, inviting environment in which a dedicated instructor can help students of all ages and levels to further their ability to perform, understand , and enjoy music with different instruments. Research says that students who take music lessons for a year increase their IQ an average of two points over students who do not, as reported in the monitor of psychology. Children will also learn valuable time management skills as they learn to juggle practice sessions, not only at school but at home.

Games Club


Kids get to do different STEM activities through iPads, table games and puzzles that reinforce classroom learning and key skills such as problem solving, reading comprehension and  inquiry minds. Our students are being challenged while we are educating them on such key concepts.

TKZA Presents:

A Tribute to "Jazz" Day.
Our students channeled their inner musician to perform a few classic songs!
African Dance

Having your child involve in physical exercise helps them alleviate stress, build self-esteem, and stay physically healthy. Additionally, your child can learn to be part of a team and learn the attributes that good teammates possess.