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Our Approach To Learning

The KidZone Academy Difference

We give you five (5) reasons why The KidZone Academy Early Childhood and Primary School is the place for your child for a well-rounded education: The advantages are many and does not end with EXCELLENT academics. The social advantages of a SMALL school like ours are plenteous as well.

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Our Approach To Learning

At Our School

1. We are a close-knit community. Our students have greater opportunities to get to know one another personally and develop close-knit relationships. Our positive classroom friendships are linked to their improved academic performance.

2. All kids thrive in our environment including the shy ones. We encourage our shy students to speak out more which in turn overcomes their fear of speaking in front of others and inspires them to move forward. 

3. Our teacher-student relationships are phenomenal. In a small school environment like ours, the teacher has much more one-on-one time with the students and is able to truly develop a relationship. Our low student-teacher ratio affords teachers the opportunity to get to know their students personally, as well as academically.

4. We have a zero-tolerance policy in our school for bullying. We are an all-inclusive school, and our school is a safe haven for all kids. We discourage cliques and peer teasing. Our small number of students promote a feeling of camaraderie.

5. We foster student leadership through mentoring and counseling of our students. Due to our SMALL class sizes, we sometimes combine students together for subjects such as science, social studies, or art. Our groups of students benefit from this set-up. Older students are able to demonstrate leadership skills by assisting younger students in need. Furthermore, when students explain what they have learned to another person (or answer questions), they actually learn it more completely. Our younger students benefit also in that they have a role model or mentor to look up to.


With a private school like ours, with its small attendance numbers, benefits ALL students both academically and socially. Not only do our children receive superb academic instruction provided in a low student-teacher ratio, but the social advantages work to create a well-rounded experience for every child.


At The KidZone Academy International School, we take pride in giving our students a one-on-one experience. Customized instruction promises to meet the needs and demands of all the unique individuals we encounter, as well as nurture a love for learning.

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