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Our Early Childhood and Pre-Primary Program

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Our Early Childhood Center (ECC) is leading the way in early years' education for kids. Our ECC curriculum includes a unique blend of active learning and inquiry, based on the philosophies of the Highscope program. The program is based on Piaget's intellectual development theory. Highscope provides broad, realistic educational experiences geared to children's current stages of development, to promote the constructive process of learning necessary to broaden emerging intellectual and social skills. Highscope is based on three fundamental principles:

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Active participation of children in choosing, organizing, and evaluating learning activities, which are undertaken with careful teacher observation and guidance in a learning environment replete with a rich variety of materials located in various classroom learning centers.

Regular daily planning by teaching staff in accord with a developmentally based curriculum model and careful child observations.

Developmental sequence goals and material for children based on the HIghscope "Key Experiences" (Highscope educational research foundation, 1989).

We immerse our young learners in experiences which make them explore, question, collaborate, think critically, problem solve, communicate and discover new knowledge, all within a fun and supportive environment. Children are given the time and space they need to be children. Crucially, they are free to play, explore and imagine. By playing and learning with other children from a young age, our pupils develop strong social skills as they learn to share and make friends.  Within our nursery, our pupils also learn to listen, follow instructions and to work independently or as part of a group – all essential skills to facilitate an easy transition to school.


Days are structured through indoor and outdoor play with a range of natural and man-made materials available so the kids can imagine, explore and experiment. Kids also participate in a diverse range of co-curricular activities including music, movement, library and technology programs, all of which play a part in both cognitive and physical development, as well as building emotional and social skills. A significant part of the success of our ECC is the quality and passion of our dedicated staff. Our team of specialist early years' teachers are well trained to make an impact on the kids.

The ECC caters to children between ages 6 months and 7 years and currently comprise of the following:

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Infant/Toddler Class    ( Ages 6 months to 2 years)

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Preschool - 1 & 2 - (Ages 3 to 5)


Prepper Class   ( Ages 2 years to 3 years)


Kindergarten & Grade 1 ( Ages 5 to 7)

Our Infant/Toddler class is a daycare.

Our Preschool 1 and 2 corresponds to Nursery and Reception in the UK educational system.

Our Preschool 1 and 2 also corresponds to Preschool - Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten in the US educational system.

Our Kindergarten class corresponds to Year 1 in the UK educational system.

Our Kindergarten corresponds to Kindergarten in the US educational system.

Our Grade 1 corresponds to Year 2 in the UK educational system.

Our Grade 1 corresponds to Grade 1 in the US educational system.

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